Corporate Employment Counselling

A varied range of services are provided within the frame of corporate employment counselling, by our joint action  with Mr. Federico Tresoldi, certified Corporate Employment Counsel in Italy. They are mainly related to the following issues, and yet more can be added, for the purpose of keeping clients up to date with regulation changes.

  • Lay-off procedure under law n. 223/1991 on redundancy funds, mobility, and collective dismissals, according to reached agreements with relevant unions.
  • Collective bargaining and compliance to harmonized regulations in case of business transfer.
  • Employment, social affairs and equal opportunities: analyzing, planning, drawing, and monitoring projects and policies.
  • Relations with Government institutions, entities, and social security bodies, as well as assistance in case of inspections by social security and labour authorities.
  • Procedure for deciding pension schemes by trade unions and employer’s organisations represented on the management board of the relevant pension fund.
  • Collection of insurance contributions and receivables of supplementary pension.
  • Health, safety, and environment: accident prevention; health, hygiene, and safety at work.

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