Fornero Reforms

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Seminar: Employment law, latest amendments to “Fornero Reforms”
Speaker: Mr Evangelista Basile, Attorney-at-Law


27th September, 2013
Hotel Tre Torri – Viale Cannatello 7 – Villaggio Mose ‘ (Agrigento)

Flexible contracts
– News impacting on fixed term contracts and other forms of flexible work
– New ratio for month calculation
– Legislative Decree no . 167/2011 – Amandments brought by Law No. 2012/92
– Limits to employment of apprentices
– Individual training plan
Temporary work for “Projects”
– Policy under Law No. 2012/92
– Freelance workers as classified by law
– Regulatory framework in force
– Expansion of joint and several liability by Law No. 2012/134 ( So called
Development Decree ) and taxation ( withholding tax on employment and VAT) .
Latest case law following to newly drafted article 18 as amended by recent reforms