MondialGroup, agreement reached and signed

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An agreement has been reached and  signed at  Regione Campania’s, and the first phase of the dispute has been concluded.
Mr Piergiovanni Mandruzzato has assisted the company MondialGroup, a Company operating in the design, production, and sale of refrigerator units and refrigerated display cases, through the negitiations with the Unions which had started months ago for the reorganization of its manufacturing plant in Campania, also impacting on  its production facilities in Piedmont; MISE had been involved too.

The first phase has been concluded by the agreement signed at Regione Campania’s. It encompasses a manifold solution including  unemployment welfare benefits, the provision of so-called CIGS,  the repositioning of the establishment in the region of Campania and the relocation of some of  the workforce currently employed in Campania.