The impact of Decreto Dignità on labour law disputes, interview to Atty Luca Daffra by Italia Oggi

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The article published in the Monday issue of Italia Oggi gathered the opinions of experts in the field of labour law on the impact of the so-called “Decreto Dignità” and “Decretone” on labour law disputes.

Luca Daffra replied that “the combination of the two measures, legislative and judicial (judgement of the Constitutional Court no. 194/2018) leads to an increase of litigation on dismissals also with regard to those relationships that arose from March 8, 2015 to which the “regime of increasing protections” applies, whilst in previous years these kinds of disputes had diminished.

After “Decreto Dignità” became effective, our law firm received more requests for advice on fixed-term contracts to assess the possibilities of extensions and renewals, and for assistance in to drawing up clauses relating to the reasons for executing a fixed-term contract. There has been an increase in requests for the identification of alternatives to fixed-term contracts in order to overcome the strict limits laid down in them.

With regard to dismissals, there was an increase in requests for assistance both in the preparation of letters of dismissal and in the activities that they entail, and in the out-of-court management of disputes, aimed at trying to find solutions that prevent litigation at court.