Atty Luca Daffra’s interview on “agile working” for the business magazine “Italia Oggi7”

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In this week’s issue,  “Italia Oggi7”  focuses on “Smart Working” asking for the opinion of lawyers specializing in employment law. Atty Luca Daffra provided his opinion based on his experience as legal advisors for a number of company clients.
Regarding the criticalities related to the employer’s liability, Luca says: “It is quite clear that in the absence of caution, the risk borne by the employer  (which may in the abstract even not know where an employee is) is potentially very high. From this point of view, in truth, about the safety of workers, it would be desirable for a clearer position to be taken by INAIL, coming to the aid of employing companies. A legislative intervention, on the other hand, could weaken the scope of the instrument
in terms of flexibility, if too strict rules are set. As far as Data Protection is concerned, a well-defined GDPR compliance can certainly reduce the risk to a minimum”.

The entire article (in Italian)  can be downloaded here