Atty Evangelista Basile teaching on line on employment provisions by Cura Italia Decree

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Evangelista Basile will be among the teachers of the course:

Covid-19 Emergency and “Italy Care” Decree: how to manage employment relationships

provided via web from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The course, organized by Centro Studi Lavoro e Previdenza of Gruppo Euroconference S.p.A. will propose practical guidelines on the following.

Smart working and agile work: emergency phase and possible developments

Restrictions on dismissals: Article 46 of the Decree

Management of absences related to health measures

Certification of quarantine periods

Leave and allowances for private sector workers

Extensions of permits under Law no.104/92

Corporate policies and risk management

Suspensions and extensions of time limits

Provisions for the third sector