Atty Guglielmo Burragato about Covid vaccine to make a workplace safer

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Corriere della Sera‘s weekly magazine devotes its business page to the new rules that will come into effect in April, when simplified regulations governing smart working are no longer effective. The change also requires greater protection in the workplace, which is an aspect also related to the issue of imposing vaccination as mandatory, in the opinion of our senior partner Guglielmo Burragato: “Where available, it must be required as a measure to protect the health of workers and users”.

“At the moment, we there is no mandatory order,” replied Mr Burragato when asked whether it was in force. – Our legal system also protects “no-vax” employees. In the absence of a rule imposing vaccination, Article 32 of the Constitution seems to apply, which provides that no one can be forced to a health treatment if not by law.

However, it seems to me that even the quarantine and other measures limiting personal freedom to combat the pandemic are compulsory health care, and so as we have been imposed by just a government decree – ie without an act being enforced – in the name of emergency, in the same way I think it could – and in my opinion should – be imposed the jab.