Family Law
In spite of the fact that Family Law is not a major portion of the practice at Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati,  attorneys of our firm have offered sound and knowledgeable legal counsel regarding family law issues for decades. Through her long experience, Attorney Francesca Ichino Pellizzi (Honorary Deputy Magistrate and then Honorary Judge at the Juvenile Court of Milan) has paid the utmost attention to the special needs of the parties involved, as they have to resolve emotional, social, economic, parental, and psychological issues.

Our attorneys are involved with virtually all aspects of Family Law and Custody, as well as education law; in particular, they deal with separation of common-law partners or married couples, divorce and marriage settlement, adoption and guardianship, custody and foster care issues, child support, paternity disputes, disqualification, legally imposed ban, appointments of legal guardians, inheritance, and juvenile justice.

As regards wills, inheritance, and probate law, attorneys in this department deal with various issues arising from wills disputes or inheritance claims. Under Italy law, some legal services related to the preparation of wills require a notary public to be involved, therefore we have build up a reliable network including competent officers and professionals for any need.

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. Thanks to the tradition of the firm, as well as continuous training and professional update, attorneys in this department  specialize in the following  types of civil litigation: landlord/tenant; construction; real estate; products liability; personal injury; infringement of privacy rights; liability arising from contracts and agreements; non-contractual liability arising out of damage caused to another.

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