Employment & Labour Law

Attorneys in this Department have practiced litigation broadly for many years, even before the National Highest Courts and the European Court of Justice. Thanks to our deep experience in all main industry sectors, we provide sound practical and legal advice on a full spectrum of issues, bargaining practices,  unions and social security matters (also including  different types of pension funds), as well as legal services for all employment-related disputes.

In particular, our representations include cases and actions in Courts regarding either individual or collective contract termination, wrongful termination, claims for higher positions, claims for damages for harassment, demotion, or unsuitable work, and social security issues.

Out-of-court representation and assistance, as well as alternative dispute resolution, include:

  • Tendering advice, even just by telephone or e-mail; drafting and checking documents and acts regarding labour relations, contract administration, grievance settlements, workers’ compensation claims, and staff management; interpretation of law regulations and contract clauses; providing strategic consultation in the face of workplace changes, office moving, suitable work offers/claims,  promotions, bonuses, benefits, etc.
  • Advising employers with respect to every financial and labour aspects of supplementary pension funds, as well as providing cooperation with their management.
  • Assisting in drawing up and executing employment-related agreements, either individual or collective (e.g., employment contracts, service agreements, temporary employment agreements, Company agreements, independent contractor agreements, etc.)
  • Providing consultation and assistance for developing and writing out workplace regulations or for adopting and revising personnel policies and procedures.
  • Drafting opinions and memoranda.
  • Counselling on ways to prevent litigation, as well as evaluating risks of arising difficulties or potential disputes.

Contact details
Department of Employment & Labour Law – 2nd Floor
tel. 02.481.932.49 – fax 02.481.00.102
e-mail: studio.legale@ichinobrugnatelli.it

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