The advantages of a well-structured employee perks and benefits plan can be both direct ones, since they allow lower labour costs relative to a compensation increase of equal net value, and indirect ones, since they increase corporate productivity and organizational well-being, and can reduce conflicts. These advantages are often very significant, obviously in proportion to the care with which a company employee perks and benefits plan is drawn up to reflect the needs of its employees, that is, selecting the services that best suit their needs.

Aware of the advantages that employee perks and benefits plans can bring also to the community, in recent years the Italian State has decisively and in various forms incentivised these instruments, both by reducing the tax burden (and in part the contribution burden) on individual salary increases linked to increases in corporate productivity (productivity bonuses), since a series of goods and services made available by the employer to the employees directly or through external suppliers are excluded from the tax and social security base (i.e. the total economic value paid by the employer to the employee and on which taxes and social security contributions are to be calculated).

A company that intends to introduce an employee perks and benefits plan should start from an accurate analysis of its organisation, the objectives it intends to pursue, the possibilities of interaction with trade unions, and the needs expressed by its employees.

A company welfare plan is, to all intents and purposes, an investment by the company, which chooses to allocate company resources to economic treatments that reward increases in productivity or efficiency or to the provision of goods and services for its employees.

Corporate welfare plans may be the result of unilateral decisions by the employer or be agreed with the trade unions.

Since not all initiatives of this kind have the same economic convenience, our firm offers personalized advice to client companies to best set up their employee perks and benefits plans.



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